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1. Our System Requirements are...

2. If our homepage does not download properly...

3. If our films will not download...

4. Should a problem occur in the display of our videos...

5. If you are having problems to send emails to us...

6. If your browser cannot accept cookies

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1. Our System Requirements are..

Transmission rates in the Internet are influenced by a number of factors, such as bandwidth. This may be attributable to the technical capabilities of your hard- and software. To ensure fast page building and, more important, high quality transmission of our films, please observe the recommended minimum configuration.

Minimum Configuration Ideal Configuration
at least Pentium 200 MHz Computer at least 500 MHz
32 MB RAM at least 128 MB RAM
8 MB graphics card, sound card with passive boxes (headphones) at least 16 MB graphics card, 16 bit sound card with active boxes
56K, single ISDN xDSL, 2 Mbit
Screen resolution: 800x600 resolution: 1024x768
Win 95 / NT 4.0 Win 98 / Win 2000

Our pages can be displayed with 4th generation browsers. You can download the current version of Microsoft Internet Explorer here.

Please ensure that the flash plug-in and Windows Media Player are installed together with plug-in.

To access the Members Area you must first sign on here.

2. If our homepage does not download properly..

If our homepage does not download properly, the flash plug-in is missing. You can download it from the following site.
To do this, proceed as follows:

1. In the list of Macromedia products click on the "Flash plug-ins" icon.
2. In the next window click on Macromedia Flash Player.
3. In Step 1 on the following page you will see the "Autoinstall now" button. Click on it.
4. Now all you need to do is follow Macromedia's instructions.

(If problems occur during installation or you do not have the appropriate administration rights on your computer, please contact your system administrator).

3. If our films will not download..

If our films will not download, the Windows Media Plug-in is missing.
The films run with Media Player Version 6.4, preferably 7.0. If you do not have Windows Media Player, proceed as follows:

1. Click here
2. In the window which now appears, select your operating system and the desired language. (Here you should preferably select the same language as the operating system). Then press "Download Now".
3. At the next prompt you can start the installer either directly from the Internet or first download the installation file to your hard drive. (We recommend downloading the file).
4. Double-click on the saved file and follow Microsoft's instructions.

(If problems occur during installation or you do not have the appropriate administration rights on your computer, please contact your system administrator).

4. Should a problem occur in the display of our videos..

Should a problem occur in the display of our videos, please check the following settings:

1. Click with the right mouse button on the loaded plug-in, choose "Options", then the "Extended" file card and double-click on "Streaming Media" (Windows Media). Under "Protocols" the Multicast, UDP, TCP and http should be checked. At UDP it is not necessary to select the connection. At http we recommend checking "Use browser proxy settings".
2. Streaming our films via Port 80 enables us to reach the maximum number of users, even if they are employing a firewall or proxy.
3. If you should hear no sound, although the loudspeakers are switched on, verify that the standard sound codecs are installed (particularly Voxware Audio CODECs, MPEG Layer 3 (mp3), Windows Media Audio and ACELP).

If, despite correct settings, you still have problems with our pages, please consult your system administrator. It may be that multi-media content such as video, audio and flash are generally disabled in your company. The system administrator is free to contact us by e-mail.(or during office hours +49 (0) 89 - 21 02 98 - 24)

If you want to know the security problems and press comments on Windows Media Player 7.0, then click here.

5. If you are having problems to send emails to us ...

1. Select in the Internet Exporer the "Internet setting" dialog in the menue "Tools".
2. Choose the file card "Programms".
3. Choose the email-client(for example Microsoft Outlook), which is configured on your computer. You can find it in the index "E Mail".
4. Click on "Apply" and afterwards "OK".

(on web sides you find frequently a command like that "mailto:help@equitystory.com", to open the your E-Mail-Client. If there is a program selected on your internet-options, which was not configured, it is not possible to send these emails to an recipient. So it is advisible to check this at any rate.)

6. If your browser cannot accept cookies ...

In order to use our site it is necessary, for security reasons, to issue you with a cookie. If you have deactivated this feature, it is not possible to enter the "Members' Area". We have to issue you a cookie as we often check your authentication for security reasons.

Please check that you are logged in as administrator.

Cookies are activated in Internet-Explorer as follows:
Select the menu - Internet Options - and click on the - Security - tab. Click on - Custom Level - and select the point - Accept all cookies. (Here entry requirements can also be crossed. You then have the opportunity to keep an overview of the cookies issued to you. Our cookies are deleted from the computer after you leave our site. When you visit us again, a new cookie is issued.

Cookies in Netscape are activated as follows:
Click on the menu - Edit - and select - Preferences. On the right you will now see the point - Advanced. From this, please select the item - Accept all Cookies. As in the previous paragraph, a cross can be entered here next to - Warn me before accepting a cookie.



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